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The Board's mission is to safeguard life, health and property of the public by assuring that those who practice the professions of engineering and land surveying are licensed and attain and maintain competence in those professions.

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Wyoming Paths to Professional Engineering Licensure

The Wyoming Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors (WYOPEPLS) assists in providing information and guidance to obtain a professional engineering license. WYOPEPLS’s website provides a “one-stop” location for license application; renewal; search; and related rules, regulations and statutes (https://engineersandsurveyors.wyo.gov/home).

Wyoming was the first state to require licensure of engineers in 1907 due to the “unruly nature of engineering and land surveying in a vast, largely undeveloped state.” Charles Bellamy (patriarch of a Wyoming family of engineers) was the first licensed engineer in the U.S. His license was issued on August 8, 1907. Since 1907, Wyoming has issued over 11,000 professional licenses.

The Wyoming license of professional engineers is based on the “three-legged stool” of engineering education, engineering experience, and examination. To meet these requirements, Wyoming has multiple paths to licensure. Three of the paths are summarized here.

Traditional Pathway. The traditional path requires a degree from an engineering program that is accredited by ABET/EAC, four years of engineering experience completed after the degree, and successful completion of the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering examination and an NCEES Principles of Practice Exam (PE) or NCEES Structural Exam (SE).

Doctoral Degree Path. A license may also be obtained via the doctoral degree path. For this path, the applicant must have earned a doctoral degree in engineering from an institution that grants ABET/EAC accredited undergraduate or graduate degrees. Four years of engineering experience is also required. The four years of experience must be obtained after the applicant completes their first degree (undergraduate or graduate) in engineering. The applicant must also successfully complete a written examination on professional ethics and Wyoming engineering licensing laws and also complete an interview with the Board.

NCEES Equivalency Path. What if your engineering education does not fit these paths? In this case, your combined educational credentials (undergraduate, graduate) will be evaluated against the NCEES education standard by the WYOPEPLS Application Review Committee (ARC) for schools within the United States. The standard requires:

  • 32 college semester credit hours of higher mathematics and basic sciences.

o Credits in mathematics must be beyond algebra and trigonometry and must emphasize mathematical concepts and principles rather than computation. Courses in differential and integral calculus are required.

o Credits in basic sciences must include at least two courses. These courses must be in general chemistry, general calculus-based physics, or general biological sciences; the two courses may not be in the same area.

  • 48 college credit hours of engineering science and engineering design.

o Courses in engineering science must be taught within the college/faculty of engineering and must have their roots in mathematics and basic sciences but carry knowledge further toward creative application of engineering principles.

o Courses in engineering design must stress the establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation. Graduate-level engineering courses may be included to fulfill curricular requirements in this area.

  • 12 college credit hours in a general education component that complements the technical content of the curriculum.

o Examples of traditional humanities/social sciences courses in this area are philosophy, religion, history, literature, fine arts, sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, economics (micro and macro), professional ethics, and social responsibility. Examples of other general education courses deemed acceptable include management (such as organizational behavior), accounting, written and oral communications, business, and law.

If your education credentials are from an international institution of higher education, equivalency analysis is completed directly by NCEES. (https://ncees.org/records/ncees-credentials-evaluations/).

If your education credentials are found to be equivalent to NCEES standards, you will need to complete four years of engineering experience and successfully complete the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering examination and an NCEES Principles of Practice Exam (PE) or NCEES Structural Exam (SE).

If your education credentials are found to be not equivalent to NCEES standards, the ARC will provide a list of requirements to meet equivalency. Applicants are encouraged to complete additional coursework in a timely manner.

The goal of the WYOPEPLS is to assist all qualified applicants in obtaining a professional engineering license. We are here to help. Feel free to reach out to WYOPEPLS at: wyopepls@wyo.gov

Steven Barrett, Ph.D. P.E.

Steven Barrett, Ph.D. P.E. is a licensed professional engineer in Wyoming and Colorado. He has served on the WYOPEPLS since 2016. He received the BS Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1979, the M.E.E.E. from the University of Idaho at Moscow in 1986, and the Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin in 1993.

Spring 2021 Newsletter!

Inside this issue find these and more!

  • Board's Farewell to Bob Norton, PELS

  • Legislation, Enforcement & Expired Licenses

  • WES-Challenges Lead to Opportunity

  • Relicensure in Wyoming

  • NCEES Option for Active Military & Spouses

  • UWCEAS-Civil & Architectural Engineering

  • NCEES Celebrating 100 Years- Check out their interactive timeline!

  • NCEES Land Surveying Podcasts & Profiles

  • WES-Annual Awards Announced

  • Outreach

E-Week 2021 Update

Thank you Wyoming Professionals of 2021


Alan Corey

Alin Cortez

Allison Davis

Amanda Miller

Amol Bhavsar

Andrea Comer

Andrew Elston

Beau Hill

Benjamin Nemec

Brennan Ruth

Brian Gray

Brian Rentner

Brittany Darnell

Burt Andreen

Cara Keslar

Christina Paxton

Christofer Lovas

Cole Thomas

Cole Wright

Collin Fossen

Dan Kerbs

Daniel Hayes

Darbi Buckmiller

Darci Hendon

Dustin Woods

Eric Nunn

Harry Hughes

Ian Morrison

Jera Likely

Jessica Klein

Joana Olsen


Joe Roth

John Eddins

Jorden Schulte

Kaitlyn Stapp

Katie Creasey

Kelby Wilkison

Kelly Erickson

Krista Johnston

Lillian Freed

Louis Harmon

Mark Corbridge

Mark Westenskow

Marshall Moore

Matt Olsen

Matt Williams

Meghan A Higgins

Meghan Higgins

Michael Doherty

Michelle Edwards

Nadia Morris

Phillip Fessler

Quentin Rogers

Ray DeStefano

Ryan Kobbe

Skyler Helffrich

Tim Brugger

Tony MacDonald

Tyson Markham

Will Hensel

Zach St. Jean


Andreen Hunt Const., Inc.

Augmented Reservoir Solutions, LLC

AVI Engineering

Campbell County Government

City of Casper

City of Green River

Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc


Devon Energy

Dominion Energy


Engineering Associates

Engineering Design Associates


Grand Teton National Park


Inberg-Miller Engineers

JFC Engineers & Surveyors


KLJ Engineering

L&H Industrial

Martin/Martin Wyoming

Morrison- Maierle

Owl Creek Engineering, LLC

Powder River Energy (PRECorp)

SolTerra Engineering

Summit Engineering

Terracon Consultants, Inc.

T-O Engineers

Trihydro Corporation

UW CEAS Student Ambassadors


Western R&D LTD

WLC Engineering and Surveying


WYDOT Bridge Program / Cheyenne

Y2 Consultants


Afton Elementary School

Anderson Elementary

Arp Elementary

Ashgrove Elementary School

Bain Elementary School

Big Piney Elementary and

Buffalo Ridge Elementary

Carpenter Elementary

Centennial Valley School

Cloud Peak Elementary School

Coffeen Elementary

Crest Hill Elementary

Deming Elementary School

Desert View

Dildine Elementary

Douglas Intermediate School

Dry Creek

Dubois Elementary School

Gannett Peak Elementary

Glenn Livingston Elementary

Guernsey Sunrise Elementary

Highland Park Elementary

Jessup Elementary

John Paul II Catholic School

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Southside Elementary

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St. Mary's Catholic School


Sundance Elementary

Sunset Elementary School

Tongue River Elementary

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Willow Creek Elementary

Woodland Park Elementary

Woods Learning Center

Professionals overcome Pandemic

E-Week 2021 looked a bit different this year for a number of reasons. First being the COVID related impacts and social distancing guidance. But that did not stop the 61 Professional Engineers (PEs) that problem solved their way through the challenge. For some, this meant incorporating an exciting new activity, “The Lorax-Engineers Speak for the Trees.” This virtual activity allowed many schools to participate in the 2021 event when they otherwise would have been required to skip the 2021 event. Reports from those schools indicate the new activity was well received! Overall, the PEs and teachers brought engineering to life for 101 3rd grade classrooms across Wyoming. Whether they live-streamed or presented in-person, the PEs showed up! Many PE’s took on multiple classrooms and some at the same time. The virtual delivery allowed some PEs the chance to present to classrooms outside their home area. In total, 2,423 students were impacted!! The pictures below depict the many adaptations for the 2021 E-Week. Enjoy!!

Appreciation is given for all the Professional Engineer's willing to take on Eweek even with all the COVID challenges this year presented. For those that have reached out and are already considering 2022 we appreciate all the comments and want you to know that going forward we are going to combine the best of all past activities for more success next year. Be watching your inboxes for more information.

Exam Updates

PE & Structural Pencil-and-Paper Exams

The PE and Structural pencil-and-paper exams will be administered on April 22 & 23, 2021. Please refer to the NCEES Updates page.

Wyoming's first time examinees must apply to the Board by February 26, 2021. Following submittal of your application you will receive a receipt by email. This receipt is your approval to apply directly with NCEES.

Wyoming's repeat exam takers do not need to file an additional application with the Board.

Two (2) weeks before exam: Any candidates who have not received their exam authorization by this date should contact NCEES directly at https://ncees.org/contact/.

PE Electrical and Computer: Power Exam

The PE Electrical and Computer: Power exam has moved to computer-based testing beginning January 2, 2021, instead of April 2021.

Examinees may sign up year-round through NCEES.

Applicants may sign up with the Wyoming Board for licensure by using the Professional Initial Exam & Licensure Application after passing exam and obtaining their four (4) years of experience.

Follow related updates through the NCEES website at https://ncees.org/pe-electrical-and-computer-power-exam/.

Outreach - 2021

Sign up now at: bit.ly/geospectrum or contact Cindy Jones to schedule your in class visit!

Important Dates

September 28, 2021

UWCEAS Job Fair| 10-3:00 p.m. | Come out and visit with the Board about your next steps to your Intern Certification or Professional License.

October 1, 2021

Renewal Season Begins| Online Dashboards will open for your 2021 renewals. All 2021 renewals due by midnight December 31, 2021

October 28, 2021

Board Special Teleconference | Zoom | 10:00 AM MDT | Agenda TBD

November 1, 2021

Fall Newsletter: Board Bulletin Release

November 24, 2021

Deadline for all Applicants going before Board for approval of licensure at the December 13th Board meeting.

(applications must be complete with all additional information turned in by this date, no later than 4:00 PM MST) PE Applicants with an MLE NCEES Record Book go before the Executive Director every Friday for approval.

2021 Quarterly Board Meetings

March 22, 2021

Board Meeting| Cheyenne Board Office| 8:00 a.m. | AGENDA

June 14, 2021

Board Meeting| Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center, 900 North Poplar, Casper WY| Zoom| 8:00 a.m. | AGENDA

September 13, 2021

Board Meeting| Cheyenne Board Office| 8:00 a.m. AGENDA

December 13, 2021

Board Meeting| Cheyenne Board Office| 8:30 a.m.