Surveyors Applications

Below are explanations of the different pathways for applicants of professional licensure or intern certification.

All applicants that mark they have the NCEES Record Book and are unable to transmit the NCEES Record Book will have to rewrite their application which will cause delays to the application process.

The Board offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods, and therefore does not issue refunds once monies have been submitted to the agency.

This application is intended for those who have already taken and passed the professional examination and are now applying for licensure or those needing to take the professional examination and have already obtained four (4) years of professional experience.

If you are intending to take the professional examination, then you may once you have paid for your application and received the emailed receipt, navigate directly to the NCEES site to sign-up for the examination.

This application is intended for those who hold a license issued by another jurisdiction to practice professional engineering or professional land surveying. Have passed the fundamentals and principles and practice of engineering or surveying examination, administered by NCEES, has a four (4) year ABET-EAC accredited degree, and has at minimum four (4) years of qualifying engineering or surveying experience.

Alternative pathway intended only for applicants who do not qualify based on regular comity route and hold a license issued by another jurisdiction to proactive professional engineering or professional and surveying, and who has held the license for fifteen (15) years immediately prior to submitting the application. in addition the applicant must possess a background that does not evidence conduct adverse to the practice of engineering or land surveying or the ability to practice engineering or land surveying and has passed any examination required by rule of board to establish competence at the professional level in Wyoming licensing laws and professional ethics.

It is not necessary to request certification as an Intern in Wyoming, if you already possess certification in another State.

This application is intended for those who have held a Wyoming professional license and whose license has been expired for more than two (2) years. This individual may not renew that license and must obtain a new license by complying with the requirements of the Board’s act for obtaining an original license (Wyo. State Statute 33-29-501(d)). An applicant may seek relicensure if the applicant has completed: relicensure application; payment of fees from Chapter 2, Section 1; and has shown evidence of completion of fifteen (15) CPCs that comply with Rules and Regulations Chapter 4, Section 2 for each year since the applicant’s last renewal or that satisfies Chapter 4, Section 4. In addition to the application process the Relicensure CPC form will be used. The Relicensure CPC form may be mailed or emailed to the Board office to satisfy this requirement.

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