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The Wyoming Game and Fish is excited to announce an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the natural beauty of Wyoming and is currently seeking a Professional Engineer to join our team and contribute to our mission of conserving wildlife and enhancing the state's outdoor resources. If you are an engineer with a passion for outdoor conservation, we invite you to apply for this rewarding position.

Click here to see some of the projects you can expect to work on! 

If you are excited about the opportunity to contribute to outdoor conservation efforts and work in a dynamic and supportive environment, we invite you to Apply Now!

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-4507

Beginning July 1, 2023. This position inspects and conducts technical engineer analysis of natural gas utilities' and intrastate natural gas pipeline operators to ensure jurisdictional utility and pipeline facilities meet applicable state and federal codes as defined in 49 CFR §§ 40, 191-193 and 199; technical engineer analysis; analysis and audits operations and facilities; communicates violations of codes to utility operators; and ensures effective corrective action is taken. This position performs audits, inspections and technical evaluations to determine compliance with safety requirements and ensure operators comply with Commission Rules to provide safe, adequate and reliable utility service. 

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-7667 

Responsible for the administration of the Planning Department. Prepares reports and performs planning studies. Develops long-range plans for the county. Keeps abreast of and answers questions pertaining to reglations. (PLANNER)

Create right-of-way plats and conduct retracement surveyos for existing and planned county roads. Perform other field surveys as required by the Commissioners. (SUREVEYOR)

Perform vairous engineering tasks related to county roads. Support the Road and Bridge Department in managing the County Road system and related projects. (ENGINEER)

Questions contact: Commissioner Aaron Anderson 307-388-2717 | Terry Wolf 307-388-4508