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This position plans, organizes and directs the Surface Water & Safety of Dams Divisions of the Wyoming State Engineer's Office which is responsible for reviewing permit applications to put surface water of the state to a beneficial use.

This is an At-Will position and serves at the pleasure of the State Engineer.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-6143

This position performs audits, inspections, and technical evaluations to determine compliance with minimum safety requirements and ensure operators comply with Commission Rules to provide safe, adequate, and reliable utility service.

This is an entry level position.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-7667

Reports directly to the State Engineer and acts as delegate in areas relating to Wyoming water law, water administration and agency representation.

This is an At-Will position and is appointed by the State Engineer.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-6143

This position is part of the Engineering and Construction section, which, under minimal supervision and with the experience of a Professionally Licensed Engineer, is responsible for managing the State Park Major Maintenance Program long-term and short term planning and execution: including improving the health, life, and safety of the public by providing planning, managing, budgeting, developed detailed design documents with affixed PE stamp, and coordinating the construction and maintenance Agency facilities. Coordinate Agency Preventive Maintenance Plan program database to ensure the longevity of Agency facilities.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-7010