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State of Wyoming

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Position Vacancy

Responsible for the administration of the Planning Department. Prepares reports and performs planning studies. Develops long-range plans for the county. Keeps abreast of and answers questions pertaining to reglations. (PLANNER)

Create right-of-way plats and conduct retracement surveyos for existing and planned county roads. Perform other field surveys as required by the Commissioners. (SUREVEYOR)

Perform vairous engineering tasks related to county roads. Support the Road and Bridge Department in managing the County Road system and related projects. (ENGINEER)

Questions contact: Commissioner Aaron Anderson 307-388-2717 | Terry Wolf 307-388-4508

This position plans, organizes and directs the Surface Water & Safety of Dams Divisions of the Wyoming State Engineer's Office which is responsible for reviewing permit applications to put surface water of the state to a beneficial use.

This is an At-Will position and serves at the pleasure of the State Engineer.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-6143

Reports directly to the State Engineer and acts as delegate in areas relating to Wyoming water law, water administration and agency representation.

This is an At-Will position and is appointed by the State Engineer.

Human Resource Contact: | 307-777-6143