Where do I find deadlines?

Deadlines for the professional engineering examinations are set by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).  NCEES will not set deadlines for future examinations until the most current upcoming exams have been issued.  Once deadlines are set, the Board will list those dates on the home page under "Important Dates."  All computer based tests (CBT's) are offered year-round and do not have a fee deadline.

How can I check the status of my application?

You may check the status of your application by calling or emailing the Board office.  (307) 777-6155/6156 or wyopepls@wyo.gov

Application Fees?

All professional applications are $100, with exception to a dual application which is $200. Intern applications are $50 and firm applications are $75. The Board offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods, and therefore does not issue refunds once monies have been submitted to the agency. 

Are handwritten applications accepted?

No, all applications are online and must be filled out electronically.  All applications that are handwritten will be returned.

How long will you hold my application?

Rules, Chapter 3, Section 7 (a)(vi) “If an applicant makes no attempt to complete his/her application within six (6) months from the date of original application, his/her application will be canceled with neither prejudice nor refund of fee.”

Are all licensees required to have the evidence of lawful presence form?

Yes. Rules, Chapter 3, Section 7 (a)(v) “Complete and submit evidence of lawful presence in the United States.”

Are transcripts, references, and verification's required if I do not have the NCEES Record Book?

Yes. Rules and Regulations, Chapter 3, Section 6 require that the above information is collected for licensure. 

Interested in establishing an NCEES Record Book?  

An NCEES Record is an easier and faster way to complete the licensure process in multiple jurisdictions. Model Law Engineer Record Book holders are reviewed weekly by the Executive Director. Surveyors and those without a Record Book will be reviewed by the Application Review Committees at the next Quarterly Board meeting (pending deadlines).

What is a Model Law Engineer or Surveyor?

How can I request my verification of examination or licensure?

Wyoming participates in the electronic system through NCEES.  Please have your request submitted through your account at: https://account.ncees.org/login

Do you accept electronic transcripts or references?

Yes, but they must come directly from the institution or reference themselves.  They may submit to: wyopepls@wyo.gov

I have an ABET/ETAC degree, does that meet Wyoming's educational requirements?

Most ABET/ETAC degrees alone do not qualify.  Applicants must meet a combined educational background that meets the NCEES Education Standard.

How many references are required?

Three (3) in total, the following are the different combinations for those three (3):

Three (3) licensed supervisory references are required.  If one cannot provide three (3) licensed supervisory references, then they must provide a statement as to why, along with three (3) references unrelated to the applicant, in which one (1) shall be licensed.  Please see Rules and Regulations Chapter 3, Section 7(a)(iii) for further clarification.

Applicants must complete the top portion of the reference form and leave the lower section for the reference.  All references must be mailed or emailed in directly from the reference.

I held a professional license in Wyoming at one time, how do I check to see if it is still current?

The Wyoming Board's license search feature shows in real time your license status.   

My license has been expired for more than 2 years, how do I bring it current?

An individual whose license has been expired for more than two (2) years may choose one of the following pathways to relicensure.

The individual may obtain a new license by complying with the requirements of the act (Wyo. State Statute 33-29-501(d)) for obtaining an original license; or the individual must show evidence of completion of satisfying Rules and Regulations, Chapter 4, Section 7(b)(ii)(A), (B), or (C). 

More on relicensure found here.

I am or was a University of Wyoming bachelors of engineering student and would like my intern certification, how do I request that information?

After taking and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering examination (FE) and you have graduated from the University with your BS in engineering, you may request your transcripts be sent directly to the Board office.  You will need to call or email (307) 777-6155/6156 or wyopepls@wyo.gov to check on the status of your University of Wyoming application and update your address.  All information is sent by email so please be sure to update the Board of a current email address (no uwyo.edu emails please).

I am not a University of Wyoming graduate how do I apply for my intern certification?

Once you have taken and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination (FE) you may apply by making application with the Board’s “Intern Certification” application.

When applying for my surveying intern certification OR my professional surveying license; do I need to fill out the education requirement form?

All but the following two (2) degrees are required to send in an education requirement form.

Exempt from the education requirement form:

Are you  looking to complete your surveying education?  

NSPS maintains a list of education programs throughout the United States with ABET accrediation indication.  Check it out here! 

I do not have my four (4) years of professional experience; can I still take the professional exams in Wyoming?

Yes, Wyoming is a decoupled state, meaning you may take the examination prior to the four (4) years of experience.  Please file the “Early Examination” application.

I am ready to take my professional examination and I have my four (4) years of experience, which application should I file with Wyoming?

Once you qualify for licensure (Rules, Chapter 3, Sections 3 & 7) you may file the Professional Initial Exam & Licensure Application.  

I have had discipline in the past, am I still able to apply for licensure based on your 15-Year Comity Pathway?

Yes.  All comity applications fall under Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 2 (b)(i) "Has not been convicted of any crime that is related to the ability to the practice of engineering or land surveying within five (5) years of submitting an application for a license or certificate;"

Are there other states that will accept my professional license based on the PhD Pathway?

At this time there are not any other states that will accept this license via comity or reciprocity.  

What is the fee schedule for Professional Land Surveyors Examinations?

Those applying for the Professional Land Surveyor Examination must pay the associated exam fees listed in the Rules and Regulations, Chapter 2, Section 1 & 2.  For those taking the National Examination you must refer to NCEES Exam Guide for fees in addition to Wyoming's Exam Fees listed below.

State Specific Take Home Exam - $100  Retake fee - $100

2 Hour State Specific Exam - $100  Retake fee - $100

Is a firm required to make application for a professional firm registration?

Yes, all firms offering to work in Wyoming must file application for registration with the Board prior to offering to work in Wyoming.

Our firm is in the process of making application with Wyoming, may we send in our firm application before our professional has completed their application process?

No, the firm must have a Wyoming licensed professional on staff prior to mailing in application for the firm registration.

Does my firm need to be filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State?

The Wyoming Board cannot make that determination, the firm must inquire with the Wyoming Secretary of State Corporations Division at: (307) 777-7311.

SPCC Spill Prevention- Is a Wyoming license needed?

As of March 23, 2015 the Wyoming Board determined that PE licensure is required for an SPCC Plan prepared for a facility located in Wyoming and a PE does have to be licensed by the Board in the state of Wyoming.

For additional information pertaining to SPCC Spill Prevention please contact the Wyoming DEQ: (307) 777-7937.